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Books received – Protevi, Bataille, Spurgeon, Greenblatt and Wilson on Shakespeare

John Protevi’s Edges of the State, sent by the publisher;  two Bataille collections in recompense for review work, Stephen Greenblatt, Tyrant: Shakespeare on Power, Caroline Spurgeon’s classic Shakespeare’s Imagery and Richard Wilson, Secret Shakespeare. Advertisements

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Books received – review work for University of Minnesota Press

Mainly older works by Agamben, Deleuze, Derrida, and Foucault, but also some other books, including James Tyner, Dead Labor: Towards a Political Economy of Premature Death, Michèle H. Richman, Sacred Revolutions: Durkheim and the Collège de Sociologie and Erin Felicia Labbie, Lacan’s … Continue reading

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Books received – Bataille & Weil, Grmek, Heidegger, Cook, Theory, Culture & Society

Books received – George Bataille and Eric Weil correspondence, Mirko D. Grmek, Pathological Realities: Essays on Disease, Experiments, and History; the new translation of Martin Heidegger, The Question Concerning the Thing, Deborah Cook, Adorno, Foucault and the Critique of the West, and … Continue reading

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The Early Foucault Update 22: Acéphale, Critique, Foucault’s thesis, Uppsala, Sussex

In the second half of term I felt I made little progress, but have done a little reading and research in and around teaching, marking, meetings and other tasks. I did write the Introduction to a translation, which should be … Continue reading

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Books received – Agamben, Shakespeare, Lecourt, Bataille, Vitale, Zartaloudis, Massey

Giorgio Agamben, Stasis: Civil War as a Political Paradigm; All’s Well That Ends Well (the penultimate volume of the Arden Shakespeare, third series), Dominique Lecourt, Proletarian Science; Georges Bataille, The Absence of Myth; Francisco Vitale, Biodeconstruction: Jacques Derrida and the … Continue reading

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Books received – Bataille, Bousquet, Elders, Barney & Montag (eds.), de Ipola, Venn

Georges Bataille, Une Liberté Souveraine; Antoine Bousquet, The Eye of War: Military Perception from the Telescope to the Drone; Fons Elders, Reflexive Water; Richard Barney and Warren Montag (eds.), Systems of Life: Biopolitics, Economics and Literature on the Cusp of … Continue reading

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Books received – Hollier, Bataille, Monk, Coleman & Agnew, Wahl

Denis Hollier, Le Collège de Sociologie; Georges Bataille, Choix de Lettres, 1917-1962; the first volume of Ray Monk’s life of Bertrand Russell, the new Theory, Culture & Society, the Handbook on the Geographies of Power, edited by Mat Coleman and … Continue reading

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The Early Foucault Update 21: Pushing Gravel Uphill

Just over two years ago, while I was having something to eat in Pasadena, before a conference on Early Modern Literary Geographies, I sketched out how a pair of books on Foucault’s work up until 1969 might look. I’ve been … Continue reading

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Books received – Latour, TCS, Erlenbusch-Anderson, Geroulanos and Meyers, Benite, Geroulanos and Jerr (eds.), Bataille

Bruno Latour, Down to Earth: Politics in the New Climatic Regime; the latest Theory, Culture and Society which is a theme issue on Bataille and Heterology; Verena Erlenbusch-Anderson, Genealogies of Terrorism: Revolution, State Violence, Empire; Stefanos Geroulanos and Todd Meyers, … Continue reading

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Georges Bataille on Nietzsche, the journal Acéphale and the Secret Society

While I’ve mainly been consumed by start-of-term stuff, I have been following up on a few leads in relation to the Foucault work. One of these was a piece by Georges Bataille on Nietzsche, first published in his short-lived journal … Continue reading

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