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On the appearance of books in a series

This post probably speaks to a collector’s instinct in me, or something else, but I really dislike the way that publishers mess with the design of books in a series. It is especially annoying when the books are released in sequence, … Continue reading

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Books received – Freud, Yates, Wilson, Toal

Two volumes of Freud for the Foucault work; Julian Yates, Of Sheep, Oranges, and Yeast: A Multi-Species Impression sent by the publisher; Richard Wilson’s Will Power: Essays on Shakespearean Authority; and Gerard Toal’s Near Abroad: Putin, the West and the Contest … Continue reading

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The End of Term 2

The Maynooth and Dublin events were the last of a sequence of talks. Over this term I also gave talks in London (SOAS, IHR, British Library), Durham, Oslo, and Kingston. Often invitations grew after acceptance – come to give a seminar, but also … Continue reading

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Shakespeare’s Roman Tragedies by Toneelgroep Amsterdam at the Barbican

Yesterday I attended one of the best theatrical experiences of my life – Shakespeare’s Roman Tragedies at the Barbican by Toneelgroep Amsterdam, directed by Ivo van Hove. In the last couple of weeks I’d already seen the first two instalments of … Continue reading

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‘Measuring Territories: The Techniques of Rule’ – talk to Kingston Shakespeare seminar, Rose Theatre, 16 March 2017

On Thursday I’ll be giving a talk at the Rose Theatre to the Kingston Shakespeare seminar, entitled ‘Measuring Territories: The Techniques of Rule’. It’s a version of Chapter 7 of my Shakespearean Territories manuscript. Speaking about Shakespeare in a theatre … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on Andrew Scott as Hamlet at the Almeida

There were many things I liked about the new production of Hamlet, at the Almeida theatre, starring Andrew Scott. Unfortunately, Andrew Scott wasn’t one of them. I found his Hamlet just too shouty, and ultimately not very sympathetic. There were … Continue reading

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Books received – Lacan, Shakespeare, Freud, Nietzsche, Bambach and Kantorowicz

Lacan’s Four Fundamental Concepts; the new Arden edition of Cymbeline; the translation of the first edition of Freud’s Three Essays; the 1964 proceedings of a conference on Nietzsche; an edited collection on Lacan’s first two seminars; Charles Bambach’s Thinking the Poetic Measure … Continue reading

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One or Two King Lears? – review at Berfrois (open access)

I have a long review of Brian Vickers’s The One King Lear, at the Berfrois website. It was one of the biggest review challenges I’ve ever faced – a difficult, technical and contentious book… Anyone who has seen more than one production … Continue reading

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A year in review – talks, publications and writing, plus links to my ‘best-of’ lists

I began 2016 with a lengthy manuscript on the 1969-75 period of Foucault’s work, partly developed from the large sections cut from the manuscript of Foucault’s Last Decade. The main task accomplished in the first part of this year was … Continue reading

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Academic Books of 2016 – my personal list

Many of the academic books I read this year were for the Foucault and Shakespeare work, and few were published this year. This alphabetical list is of the twenty books published this year which I read and liked the most. … Continue reading

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