Johannes Angermuller on ‘How do you define yourself as an academic?’

Interesting piece by my Warwick colleague Johannes Angermuller on ‘How do you define yourself as an academic?‘ in The Times Higher.

Researchers should be free from constraints that prevent them from the pursuit of scientific truth – this is an idea that universities all over the world like to pride themselves on. However, even the purest, most basic research is subject to pressures that are never exclusively scientific. Researchers are subject to a number of social constraints as they compete for resources, pursue careers and network with others.

In a nutshell, research is a social practice, and academics often struggle with how they are categorised by others. [continues here]

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Jean-Paul Sartre’s refusal of the Nobel prize for literature

73dbf16a131ae5b0a0acd8cad34ad2ef_1024x1024Bob Dylan’s award of the Nobel prize for literature is obviously all over the news and social media. The New York Review of Books has a translation of Jean-Paul Sartre’s short piece on his own refusal of that award over fifty years ago.

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Joe Painter’s appreciation of Doreen Massey in Soundings (pdf)

Joe Painter’s appreciation of Doreen Massey in Soundings is available to download as a pdf here. I’ve added this to the list of obituaries and tributes on this site.

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A Taxonomy of University Presses Today

An interesting discussion of the different types of university presses – worth a read since not all are the same kind of publisher.

The Scholarly Kitchen

Cladogram of vertebrata Though neither fish nor fowl, university presses can be classified by a taxonomy.

There is an effort afoot in the university press and higher education communities to transition humanities monographs to open access, which to some is a vital element of repositioning humanities fields to take a more public role. Ithaka S+R colleagues have played a role in developing cost estimates for monograph publishing, several presses have led subvention modeling, and others have reflected thoughtfully on the broader transformations in business models that a shift to open should be expected to yield. While costs and business models are essential, they are not the only puzzle pieces. Project Muse’s recent announcement about supporting open access book publishing indicates that some important infrastructure is coming online to support these directions. Costs, business models, and infrastructure are vital.

Given the diversity of university presses, it is important to recognize how…

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Early Modern Literary Geographies – 14-15 October 2016

Coming up tomorrow and Friday…

Progressive Geographies

Early Modern Literary Geographies, Huntington library, San Marino, CA, 14-15 October 2016 –  details here or download the programme brochure

The conference is organised around the themes of Body, House, Neighbourhood, and Region. I’ll be speaking in the last of these on “Denmark, Norway, Poland: Regional Geopolitics in Hamlet”. This is part of what I hope will be chapter 2 of my Shakespeare book.

Huntington EMLG Conference Brochure.jpg

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Between Deleuze and Foucault: Editors’ Intro and Dosse’s chapter

Between Deleuze and Foucault excerpts…

My Desiring-Machines

Available here via Thomas Nail’s page.

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David Harvey Marx & Capital Lecture 2: Value and Anti-Value

Value and Anti-Value
Second Lecture in the Series: Marx and Capital: The Concept, The Book, The History
Professor David Harvey
The Graduate Center, CUNY
September 19, 2016

Previous: Lecture 1 Capital as Value in Motion


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Christopher Watkin, French Philosophy Today reviewed at NDPR

Christopher Watkin, French Philosophy Today reviewed at NDPR.

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11 Critical Theory books that came out in September 2016

september-2016-critical-theory-books-672x372.png11 Critical Theory books that came out in September 2016 – Jeffries, Jayawardena, Müller-Doohm, Winnubst, Badiou etc.

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CFP: Government of Self Government of Others. Ethical and political questions in the late Foucault (2016-2017)

Call for papers for a conference in Lisbon in March on the late Foucault.

Foucault News


International Conference


Ethical and political questions in the late Foucault

IFILNOVA / EPLab, Lisbon, 6th-7th March 2017


Marta Faustino, Gianfranco Ferraro, Luís de Sousa

The Laboratory of Ethics and Political Philosophy of IFILNOVA invites submissions for its international conference “Government of Self, Government of Others. Ethical and Political Questions in the Late Foucault”, to be held at the New University of Lisbon, on the 6th-7th of March, 2017.

Michel Foucault’s last lecture series at Collège de France constitute a unity that testifies a shift in his thought. This shift deepens and expands the course of his preceding works concerning the genealogy of subjectivity, while, at the same time, adding to it a significant ethical and political dimension. Foucault returns to the practices of the self in antiquity and looks at…

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