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Foucault’s Last Decade – Update 16

I have now a complete draft of Chapter Eight, but this has partly been achieved by moving discussion of the final two volumes of the History of Sexuality into the next chapter. The main thing I’ve accomplished is typing up … Continue reading

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Étienne Balibar discusses Foucault’s La société punitive, with a response from Judith Butler

Étienne Balibar discusses Foucault’s La société punitive and his relation to Marx, with a response from Judith Butler. Audio files available here, via Multipliciudades. For his lecture “Foucault and Marx: A Disjunctive Synthesis?”, Étienne Balibar discusses connections and disjunctions between Michel Foucault … Continue reading

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Foucault and Neoliberalism – the debate continues (on Progressive Geographies)

There are some interesting comments on last week’s thoughts on the Foucault and Neoliberalism debate – here. In particular the points made by Stephen Shapiro and Michael Behrent are worth reading – both are situating the discussion within a wider … Continue reading

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Foucault audio and video recordings – minor updates to chronological list

I’ve now updated the list of Foucault audio and video recordings, including a recording of the first few lectures of L’hermeneutique du sujet from 1982. This recording then jumps to lectures from 1984. This list is part of the ‘Foucault Resources‘ part … Continue reading

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Foucault’s ‘Rêver de ses plaisirs’ – comparison of the 1983 article and 1984 chapter (and a request for help)

As a kind of appendix to my comparison of the three different introductions to the History of Sexuality volume II, I thought I would share my working notes on the two different versions of the first chapter of History of Sexuality volume … Continue reading

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Time Magazine profile of Foucault from 1981

In 1981 Foucault was profiled in Time magazine – Otto Friedrich with Sandra Burton, “France’s Philosopher of Power”, Time, November 16 1981, pp. 58-9. I’d seen a few references to this piece before, such as in Mark Kelly’s guide to the first … Continue reading

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Foucault and Neoliberalism – a few thoughts in response to the Zamora piece in Jacobin

I’ve been away, but several people have been sending me links to a recent string of articles on Foucault’s supposed sympathies to neoliberalism. The start of the debate – in English at least – was the translation of an interview … Continue reading

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