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Foucault’s Last Decade – Update 11

I’d hoped to get right back to the Foucault work on my return from Australia, mainly the chapter on governmentality, but spent much time catching up on other things and getting ready for my trip to Florida (for the AAG … Continue reading

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Jonathan Bate on writing a biography of Ted Hughes – copyright, author estates and family members

A very interesting piece in The Guardian by Jonathan Bate about his writing of a biography of Ted Hughes. The issues are much wider than this particular case, and concern copyright, author estates and the role of family members. There are … Continue reading

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Jacques le Goff (1924-2014)

Jacques le Goff, medieval historian, has died at the age of ninety. I found his work really helpful while writing The Birth of Territory, and recently consulted his collection Hérésies et sociétés dans l’Europe pré-industrielle, 11e-18e siècles in which Foucault has a chapter. There … Continue reading

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Michel Foucault, auteur, lecteur, archiviste. Dialogue avec Daniel Defert – video recording

“Michel Foucault, auteur, lecteur, archiviste. Dialogue avec Daniel Defert” – video recording available here.

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The English language sources of Foucault’s L’origine de l’herméneutique de soi

Last year a little book of Foucault’s lectures at Dartmouth College in 1980 was published in French - L’origine de l’herméneutique de soi: Conférences prononcées à Dartmouth College, 1980, edited by Henri-Paul Fruchaud and Daniele Lorenzini, Paris: Vrin, 2013. The texts … Continue reading

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A few translated excerpts from the discussion following Foucault’s ‘Truth and Juridical Forms’ lectures in Rio

Between 21-25 May 1973, Foucault gave five lectures in Rio de Janeiro. These were under the collective title of ‘Truth and Juridical Forms’. They were published in Portuguese in 1974 as “A verdade e as formas jurídicas” (easily available online), … Continue reading

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The remaining Foucault lecture courses – French and English publishing details

Only two of Foucault’s Collège de France lecture courses remain unpublished in French – Théories et institutions pénales (1971-72) and Subjectivité et vérité (1980-81). As I’ve mentioned before, Subjectivité et vérité, edited by Frédéric Gros will be published in May 2014. There is nothing on the Seuil page … Continue reading

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Anthropologie du conscrit français – a text mentioned by Foucault in 1974

In an addendum to a piece on this site about Foucault’s seminar colleague Jean-Pierre Peter, I made the following note: Update: the only other place I know where Foucault mentions Peter is in “The Birth of Social Medicine” – the … Continue reading

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The original source for Foucault’s Pierre Rivière collaborative project

I’ve long known that Foucault and his colleagues discovered the case of Pierre Rivière in Annales d’hygiène publique et de médecine légale, during the seminar of his first year of his work at the Collège de France. This particular case so fascinated … Continue reading

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Michel Foucault and Fons Elders – a preparatory interview for the Chomsky debate

I’d not seen this before – fifteen minutes of video in preparation for the Chomsky debate between Foucault and Fons Elders. Thanks to Sjoerd van Tuinen and Elena Loizidou for sharing this. Update: Jeremy Crampton has more news on this … Continue reading

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