Middlesex – eviction?

This news just received


Management at High Court to Evict!!! Middlesex students have just received a letter from Mansion House wanting us out in half an hour. We would urge as MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE to go straight to the Mansion Building straight away!!! Oakwood tube, Picadilly line, shuttle bus or walk to Trent Park Campus.

Also:  Dear everyone, we just received a notification that the Management will pursue legal action within 1 hour. We urge you all to come and support us in our hour of need (literally). Thank you for your solidarity!

There is a photograph of the eviction notice here – http://infinitethought.cinestatic.com/index.php/site/eviction_notice/#When:13:42:16Z

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2 Responses to Middlesex – eviction?

  1. Bobby says:

    Hi I have just read the notice of eviction. I’m not sure what the exact time frame is for such evictions to be carried out. But I’m sure it will be a few days before they can carry out this threat. I am making this assumtion on the premise that the said occupiers have until they are served a summons of the said eviction to be given by a court of law and even then I’m sure we have the opportunity to argue our case against such an eviction.
    This is only my opinion and I may be wrong in my assumptions.

    • Bobby says:

      P.S I’m form Wolverhampton Uni and would still reccomend students to give their full support to this situation and make there way to the Trent campus. I have along way to travel, but have every intention of coming here tommorow, to give my support on behalf of the students from Wolverhampton University. 🙂

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