Sloterdijk on Cycling

Eighteen months old, but still interesting, discussion of cycling, doping and Mont Ventoux…,1518,565111,00.html

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  1. emilia says:

    Thanks for that, it’s an interesting piece but ruined somewhat by the Spiegel interviewer’s puffing up of German anti-doping efforts which Sloterdijk inevitably laps up. In fact, French and – yes – Italian anti-doping authorities have been leading the fight against doping, and German riders and teams have shown as great a propensity to dope as anyone else. I think Sloterdijk also falls a little too readily into “things ain’t what they used to be” type-nostalgia: for some of us there is still heroism in cycling but one of the great things about the sport is that heroism doesn’t necessarily always just belong to the winners.

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