A third faculty suspension at Middlesex

Christian Kerslake was also suspended at the same time as Peter Osborne and Peter Hallward. Graham Harman posted about this earlier today, raising it as unconfirmed, but he has now posted a message confirming it to be the case. It seems the official notice to Christian was not received. Earlier today I contacted Christian and he confirmed this; and I see it’s now been updated on the save Middlesex blog. That’s half of the faculty of CRMEP

The rally for their support is on for Thursday; the student disciplinary hearings are on Friday. Details here.

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1 Response to A third faculty suspension at Middlesex

  1. suicideally says:

    That’s right, Christian is suspended too. 3 out of 4 tutors who are supposed to be supervising MA dissertations (presentations are due next week, and full proposals due the week after) are currently suspended!

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