Territory wordles

I think these are quite interesting to see. You can use the Wordle website to analyse a chunk of text for word frequencies. This first one is the text of Terror and Territory

Wordle: Terror and Territory

This one is of ‘Land, Terrain, Territory’, a piece that is based on the introduction to the book I am writing.

Wordle: Land, Terrain, Territory

The table of contents for the book itself

Wordle: Book

and then this is my cv

Wordle: CV

The last one is interesting for me to see, since it gives a reasonable sense of the trajectory of my research. The three thinkers that have most been the focus of my work – Heidegger, Foucault and Lefebvre – are relatively small compared to more recent political and geographical concerns. This is undoubtedly because I am publishing more and speaking more now than I was earlier in my career.

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