Middlesex Rally 27 May

I made it up to the rally in support of the suspended staff and students for a while this evening. A few photos follow…

Lots of good speeches and a positive yet relaxed atmosphere.

There is also a very good letter from the students to the Dean at the heart of this whole thing…

Compare that to the latest in a UCU newsletter

Save Middlesex Philosophy:

A reminder that you can add your name to the growing campaign to save Philosophy at Middlesex University here. If a department which produces world-class research and teaching can be closed because it is a humanities subject and not vocational, then arguably no humanities department anywhere is safe. UCU is calling on members to get involved in this campaign.

*WHAT YOU CAN DO*: sign and circulate the link for the petition. This already has almost 15,000 signatures, but more are needed. Sign here: http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/save-middlesex-philosophy.html

[Update 28th May – the shots of those who occupied are here]

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