Middlesex UCU action; plus ‘I occupied Middlesex’

Middlesex UCU have finally made a move against management.

an emergency meeting of Middlesex University’s UCU branch voted to condemn the disciplinary action against staff and students, demand the immediate reinstatement of postgraduate philosophy programmes and recruitment – and go into official dispute with the management if the staff suspensions are not lifted by 12 noon on Wednesday

Fuller report here. I think this is a necessary stage in the branch asking the national union for support.

You may have seen the photos of some of  the c.200 who made it to the rally on Thursday. Those of us there were asked to pose with an ‘I occupied Middlesex’ sign. Various photos here.

Now the ever active John Protevi has suggested that this be extended for those who were not physically able to be there… The ‘I am Spartacus’ moment of the campaign…

John Protevi and Todd May are here; and some distinguished colleagues here

Both also have one of those lolcats

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1 Response to Middlesex UCU action; plus ‘I occupied Middlesex’

  1. I just saw this recording of a forum held in response to the Middlesex Philosophy closure:

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