CRMEP to move to Kingston University

Some very good news – the Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy is to move to Kingston University. This was the centre at the core of the Middlesex philosophy dispute. I’d heard rumours of this but it now appears official. It’s certainly a victory of sorts, since it gives the lie to the Middlesex University line that this research centre was unsustainable. The idea that Middlesex was going to backtrack was increasingly untenable. Four of the staff – Peter Osborne, Peter Hallward, Stella Stanford and Eric Alliez – will be moving. Unfortunately Christian Kerslake and Mark Kelly will not be moving, and their position – particularly Christian’s, given that he is currently suspended by Middlesex – seems uncertain.

The full report of this news is worth reading. While it’s not an overturn of the Middlesex management’s decision, and there are things unanswered and problems remain, it’s a great piece of news nonetheless.

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