Middlesex suspended staff hearings

Peter Hallward has an open letter here about his suspension; and there is details of another rally, in support of Christian Kerslake as he goes into his disciplinary hearing on Monday here.

Although the CRMEP is moving to Kingston, there are still many unanswered questions. The status of Christian, who is not moving to Kingston, but is currently suspended by Middlesex, is one of the most important.

It’s also worth noting that the comments section to the news of the Kingston move shows that not everyone considers this a victory, even a partial one. My sense is that, while it’s not everything wished for, it was probably not far from a realistic best case outcome. A complete reversal by Middlesex management would have probably been reacted to very badly by other university managers, who are doubtless watching the Middlesex situation with interest. There is pressure from both sides in this case – the anti-closure has been most vocal and visible; but let’s not pretend there was not pressure/support from the wider sector. The inept management style didn’t help matters, where they got themselves into a no-win situation, but given where it ended up, the idea that they could find a way to resurrect philosophy, take back staff they had suspended, and so on was very difficult to see happening.

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