New Geographies

Many people will know that of the US Ivy League institutions only Dartmouth College still has a geography programme. But Harvard’s Graduate School of Design has been putting out some interesting issues of a new journal entitled New Geographies. Geography as a discipline obviously doesn’t have exclusive rights to that name – although one geographer did say to me they thought the title was ‘a bit cheeky’ – and it’s a very interesting journal. Previous issues have included pieces by Bruno Latour, Peter Sloterdijk and others. Unsurprisingly, given the home of the journal, they are beautifully produced and illustrated. Issue 4, forthcoming later this year, is on the theme of ‘The Scales of the Earth’.  I was pleased to be asked to write something for this, and gave them a piece which is a detailed outline of the book I plan to begin working on in 2011, while a visitor at the Australian National University.  This is a book entitled ‘The Space of the World’, conceived as the third part of an informal ‘trilogy’ of books on different aspects of the question of territory. I’ll post a link to the journal site when the issue is out.

Writing this piece – which began life as a draft book proposal, itself stemming from the ANU application – was fun, and got me excited about the future work I want to do. Now I just need to finish this current book…

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