Paul Ennis has a post about his nearly completed book Continental Realism (nice title, and interesting t.o.c.)

Graham Harman has a fascinating post about reading, note-taking, planning, writing and editing here. I don’t work much like this – for a start, I don’t write in my books, and I usually take notes directly into the computer – but it’s worth a read, certainly. It clearly works very well for him.

An interesting post here about academic nihilism – one of the best things I did to stop this feeling was to stop reading The Times Higher Education.

A new issue of Philosophy in Review, with Peter Gratton on Jane Bennett

A left-field response to the ‘favourite translation of Being and Time‘ discussion

There is some other stuff in the final stages of the online discussion of Jane Bennett’s book, but I’ll get to that later.

Susan and I went to see Sophocles’ Elektra in a new version at The Young Vic this evening. Very good, and free. Really. We couldn’t work it out beforehand, and still can’t understand why they didn’t charge for this. It was really worth seeing.

And finally… London Mayor Boris Johnson looks like he might have won his battle against ‘Democracy Village’… They are due to be evicted on Friday. This is just round the corner from where we’re living at the moment. BBC News report here.

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