Gratton on Stiegler

Since Peter Gratton kindly links to my Erlangen lecture, it is perhaps appropriate to link to his review of Bernard Stiegler’s book Taking Care of Youth and the Generations. Gratton’s critique is pretty compelling, and I have to confess I’ve not been that impressed by Stiegler. The Technics and Time books were okay, but nothing I found especially insightful. But he is beginning to be translated more often now – Polity has his For a New Critique of Political Economy coming out in the autumn.

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2 Responses to Gratton on Stiegler

  1. @oddhack says:

    Interesting that you don’t rate Stiegler. I haven’t read the books yet, and if Gratton’s review here is at all accurate then his take on new media/technology and attention is pretty woefully superficial.

    I’m surprised.

    I read this interview (extract) with Stiegler the other day: and immediately thought of you and your interests, Stuart. Perhaps I am wide of the mark! In particular though I found the ideas of the short- and long-circuit quite useful, as well as his ideas on the arts, education and reaching a ‘general public’.

  2. @oddhack says:

    “his take on new media…” <- to clarify, 'his' refers to Stiegler not Gratton!

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