Ron Johnston on Terror and Territory

Nice review by Ron Johnston of my Terror and Territory book in Environment and Planning A. From the conclusion –   

The events of the last decade have stimulated a wealth of responses from academics for whom geopolitical issues have presented major theoretical and political challenges, as well as very substantial ethical concerns. Among those, a number of geographers (for example, Colin Flint, Derek Gregory, David Harvey, Neil Smith, Peter Taylor, and Gerard Toal) have illustrated the value of their disciplinary perspective to understanding the contemporary unstable world scene – distant from claims that GIS can help solve all problems through surveillance. Stuart Elden’s book exemplifies that rich vein of geographical scholarship, generated by an unfortunate sequence of political actions and reactions…   

It is an important scholarly work deserving wide and careful reading.With such explorations, we can help students and others appreciate the contemporary terrain and its spatial structuring.

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