Administrative competence

While dealing with other people’s incompetence, and not feeling at all well, I have been trying to get back on top of the journal work. Taking time off, even over the Christmas/New Year period, always results in a lot of work to get back to speed. There were several new submissions over the break, which my colleague Kathy Wood is processing and sending to me and the co-editors. There was even a submission on Christmas Day, and no, it was not a Christmas Eve submission from a different time zone. I think the final tally for 2010 is 243 submissions – a 38% increase on 2009, which was the previous highest year. The first full year I was editor was 2007, and there were only 134 submissions then. We received more than that in the last six months of 2010. A few papers back from review, and a few back after requested revisions. We received a really interesting commentary which will hopefully run in issue 2 this year. And as we have three new co-editors there were some messages on procedure as we begin a transition period. Editing this journal is a remarkable privilege, and I have terrific colleagues, but it is a lot of work.

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