Mikko Joronen on Heidegger and globalisation

Mikko Joronen was kind enough to send me a copy of his thesis/book The Age of Planetary Space: On Heidegger, Being, and Metaphysics of Globalization (University of Turku, 2010). It is available as a free pdf download here. Mikko has published parts of this in Antipode and Society and Space. From the introduction:

As it is argued in the present study, globalization does not mark a mere re-scaling that takes place in contemporary societal discourses and practices; it is rather based on a completion of the logic intrinsic to Western metaphysical rationality, such completion taking place through the onto-historical emergence of the calculative ordering making it possible for things to relate to each other in an increasingly planetary way…

In this inquiry it is shown how Heidegger’s thinking as a whole, and its critical aspects in particular, can be better understood on a basis of comprehension of Heidegger’s deconstructive critique of the metaphysical conditions grounding the present planetary age. Heidegger’s notions of ‘machination’ and ‘enframing’, then, are not mere articulations of the limits of particular ontological conditions constitutive for the contemporary age of planetary space; they also denote a critical exploration of its genealogical preparation. The present work aims precisely to show how the planetary enframing of things marks a fundamental implementation of hidden consummation of metaphysical ambition to ground now being re-adopted into operational clarity of limitless ordering of calculation. It is such emergence of the technological power of  calculative ordering that is constitutive for the happening of space under the auspices of globalization.

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