Sloterdijk Now update

The Sloterdijk book is coming together. Nigel Thrift‘s chapter is now edited and ready to go. Entitled “Peter Sloterdijk and the Philosopher’s Stone”, it’s a discussion of the relation between philosophy and social science. Thrift is critical of some of Sloterdijk’s more journalistic work, but sees considerably more potential in Sphären. Two more chapters to go.

I’ve also been working on the introduction. It’s no small task to introduce Sloterdijk, and probably impossible to do justice to his breadth within this single piece, so I’ve tried to address the key themes that need to be set up to make sense of the chapters that follow. The whistlestop tour goes through the work on the cynics and his relation to Nietzsche; a little on his critique of political kinetics and the role of Europe; before saying a bit more about the spheres project and the metaphysics of globalisation; and then finally turning to the notion of anthropotechnics.

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