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Journals and rejections

This is pretty good – the Journal of Universal Rejection: “You name it, we take it, and reject it”. Not to be confused with journals that only publish rejected work, such as Rejecta Mathematica…

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Roundup – PhDs, Connolly, Banning Books, Congratulations

Over at Ecology without Nature, Timothy Morton has begun a new series of advice posts, this time on ‘How to Plan a PhD’. Will be interesting to see this one develop. Adrian Ivakhiv reports his first thoughts on William Connolly’s … Continue reading

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Turkel report on IDF Gaza boat raid

The Turkel report into the attack on the aid ship to Gaza has concluded that Israel acted within international law, and that the soldiers acted in self-defence. As a reminder, nine activists died and several more were injured. Some IDF … Continue reading

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Speculative Medievalisms podcasts

The audio from the conference in London recently is now available here. (See also my brief report and question.)

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Sloterdijk on Heidegger’s drawing

Sloterdijk tells the story of how his Sphären project was inspired by Heidegger’s ‘artwork’. I was also fascinated by a chalkboard drawing Martin Heidegger made around 1960, in a seminar in Switzerland, in order to help psychiatrists better understand his … Continue reading

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Review of State, Space, World

There’s a review of the Lefebvre collection Neil Brenner and I edited (and translated with Gerald Moore) in the new issue of Urban Studies. From the conclusion Lefebvre has shown that we have “passed from the production of things in … Continue reading

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Sloterdijk video

This may be of interest to some people – Sloterdijk speaking at The Tate, London, in 2005. Unlike most of the videos on the web, this one is in English. There is a long introduction by Eric Alliez – Sloterdijk … Continue reading

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Further talks

Matthew Sparke and I will be in conversation at National University of Singapore on 17th February, around the themes of territory, geopolitics and geoeconomics. This is my stopover on my way to Australia. I fly back through Hong Kong and have a … Continue reading

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The spatial politics of occupation

Interesting piece here on the student occupations (via Alex at Experimental Geographies).

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Two more Sloterdijk chapters

Two more Sloterdijk chapters back from revisions, and edited into final form for submission. The first is by Marie-Eve Morin, and is entitled ‘The Coming-to-the-World of the Human Animal”. The piece engages with Sloterdijk’s reading of Heidegger, especially in the … Continue reading

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