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Next year’s teaching

Yesterday was largely spent on administrative things at Durham. It feels very early to be planning teaching for the 2011/12 academic year, down to which lectures in which weeks and trying to ensure teaching doesn’t clash with the 2012 Association … Continue reading

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Another Leibniz

I’m continuing to read and think on Leibniz, as a parallel interest to other things I’m doing. I’ve just read Glenn A. Hartz, Leibniz’s Final System: Monads, Matter, Animals (Routledge, 2007; paperback 2010). From the book’s publicity Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz was … Continue reading

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Two more Sloterdijk chapters

Two more Sloterdijk chapters are now in final, pre-review, form. The first is by Babette Babich and discusses Sloterdijk’s cynicism; the second by Eduardo Mendieta on the humanism/posthumanism/transhumanism debates. Both discuss Sloterdijk’s relation to Nietzsche, and the Mendieta chapter discusses his engagement … Continue reading

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Tunisia’s revolution

Those people interested in what’s happening in Tunisia, and dismayed by the media coverage, could do worse than check out the posts at Lenin’s Tomb here and here; and those at Informed Comment here, here and here.

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Marx Reloaded trailer

Featuring Slavoj Žižek, Antonio Negri, Nina Power, Alberto Toscano… Trotsky as Morpheus is good too.

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Badiou interviews Foucault

Thanks to Sean at Te Ipu Pakore for the link – a very young Badiou, and a fairly young Foucault (with hair). It’s in French, but if you click ‘cc’ you can get English subtitles.

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Dark Materialism and Speculative Medievalisms

From Speculative Heresy – helpful for those who couldn’t make the events in London last week; and potentially good news with a publication from the second event. The podcast for the Dark Materialism event is now available online here. The Natural … Continue reading

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Badiou (and Žižek) on Wagner

I’ve just finished reading Alain Badiou’s new book, Five Lessons on Wagner. I approached it expecting to learn more about Badiou than Wagner, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. A few clues aside, without his name on the cover I’d … Continue reading

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Espacios del pasado, historias del presente

Just gone over the first version of the proofs of “Espacios del pasado, historias del presente: en torno a los rastros de la historia espacial [Spaces of the past, histories of the present: debating the traces of spatial history]”, which … Continue reading

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Electronic publishing

At In the Middle, Jeffery Jerome Cohen offers some thoughts on e-books and access. He raises the idea of short pamphlets for sale at $1-3 through Google books or Amazon. If they can’t host them themselves, and genuinely need that … Continue reading

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