Sloterdijk in France

Looks like an good conference on Sloterdijk to be held in Paris. Details here. Surprisingly, given that most of his major works are translated into French (the whole of Spheres, for instance), this claims to be the first conference devoted to him there.

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2 Responses to Sloterdijk in France

  1. Selim K. says:

    hi Stuart, in France to my knowledge philosophy public is a bit distant to Sloterdijk. Many view -somewhat rightly- him as right wing. His views concerning immigrants and welfare state is quite problematique. Nearly all of his books in French are translated by the incredible efforts of a single man, Olivier Mannoni -one of the best translators from German. see his wikipedia

  2. stuartelden says:

    Thanks for this. Yes, his politics are certainly problematic. Mannoni’s translation efforts are quite something – translating Sloterdijk alone is a near full-time job; let alone all the other things he has done.

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