Speculative Realism book series more info

EUP has a page up on the series here:

Since its first appearance at a London colloquium in 2007, the Speculative Realism movement has taken continental philosophy by storm. Opposing the formerly ubiquitous modern dogma that philosophy can speak only of the human-world relation rather than the world itself, Speculative Realism defends the autonomy of the world from human access, but in a spirit of imaginative audacity.

Editorial board member Eileen Joy encourages submissions here:

And so I say to you–yes, YOU–that if you are a medievalist or early modernist or classicist or anything that supposedly operates on this side of the so-called “Enlightenment” divide, and if you have any interest in the recent speculative turn in relation to literary-historical and material cultural (including “media”) subjects ranging from antiquity to the 1600s, then: we would love to see your book proposal.

Tim Morton gives that a thumbs up, here.

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