Toward Planetary Thinking

Interesting looking course by Ian Angus at Simon Fraser University – ‘Toward Planetary Thinking’, which takes its title and inspiration from Kostas Axelos. I can’t resist saying it’s an appropriate course for a University whose marketing slogan is ‘Thinking of the World’.

Axelos is really neglected in translation and Anglophone scholarship. I’ve been trying to get a publisher interested in a collection of his writings on the world, but it’s one of those difficult situations of there not being much interest in his work given the lack of translations; so proposed translations are difficult to justify given the lack of interest in his work. I’ll keep trying – I do think it would be worthwhile.

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One Response to Toward Planetary Thinking

  1. Reading Axelos in Angus’ class was a very stimulating experience. It explored the early Marx, Heidegger after “the turn,” the concept of network society, and how that all shaped some of Angus’ work on the corporatization of the university, phenomenology, and social movement analysis.

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