Judith Butler on Palestine

Interesting piece by Judith Butler on the Palestine bid for statehood and the demise of the Oslo accords in the London Review of Books. One small excerpt:

If nothing else, a new set of dynamics will be inaugurated through the statehood bid, and they may prove at the present conjuncture to be more important, and more valuable, than any of us can foresee at this time. Even if a state does not immediately appear (and there are reasons to hope for an initiative that emerges directly out of a more inclusive Palestinian movement for self-determination), at least we may see an end to a ‘peace’ process that has become an excuse for Israeli territorial expansion and the permanent deferral of Palestinian aspirations. Something Obama once called ‘hope’ may well break through the temporal standstill of the occupation, expulsion, confiscation and disenfranchisement.

Thanks to Ayşe Mermutlu for the link.

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