Sloterdijk Now endorsements

I mentioned the Sloterdijk Now endorsees before, but here are the actual endorsements:

‘A superb introduction to the most formidable (and fun) philosopher of our time. Indispensable.’

Sylvère Lotringer, Columbia University

‘Sloterdijk is finally coming to the fore as one of the most thought-provoking thinkers of the twenty-first century. These original and insightful essays not only present a persuasive case for the significance of Sloterdijk’s unique position on a range of important issues, they also confront the curious resistance of Sloterdijk’s thought. Why, given the profound range and depth of this magisterial theorist, have we not yet come to terms with the problems he poses? Elden’s introduction and the authoritative contributions that follow would be of value for anyone new to Sloterdijk’s work as well as already committed readers who seek to enrich their understanding.’

Claire Colebrook, Penn State University

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