Longer Times, Wider Geographies

I’ve uploaded an audio recording of my comments to the meeting last night of the Tyneside Stop the War coalition meeting. The meeting was held to mark ten years since the war on Afghanistan started. The first speaker Lindsey German, of Stop the War, talked about that war, and the movement against it. My remarks were an attempt to draw that war into a wider context. The whole event was recorded by the organisers, and I’ll link to that when available. [Update: you can find it here] This is just the audio recording of my comments.

(This is the first time I’ve made a recording on an iPad. It’s not bad, and a little bit of editing in Audacity has made it listenable. But it is a bit hissy on the ‘s’s…)

Update 21 October 2011: the text of my talk is now available here. I typed up the comments I made at the beginning after the event; but the main text is what I’d previously prepared. It therefore differs in some respects from what I actually said.

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