Foucault on the disciplinary society

Just an audio recording, but Foucault on Discipline and Punish and what he was showing in that book – in English. I played the first five minutes to my students today to help explain the relation between the prison and the disciplinary society. Last week I used the Chomsky-Foucault clips on youtube to illustrate what Foucault was doing politically and conceptually. There’s not that much Foucault video in English or even subtitled, especially on the 1970s stuff which I am focusing on, which is why this week I used just an audio recording.

I’m not sure of the source of this recording – anyone know?

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2 Responses to Foucault on the disciplinary society

  1. Mark Kelly says:

    The description on this shorter version on YouTube indicates that the recording is from 1983 – – although I don’t put any particular credence in that.
    I seem to remember that Foucault attended a conference in Canada and spoke about the prison – but of course that might not have been in English and there are plenty of other times Foucault might have talked about the prison in English.

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