UC campus violence

These videos have been widely circulated, but just in case people haven’t come across them before. First, the assault on protestors at UC Berkeley:

And then on students at UC Davis protesting in their support:

A less often linked version which begins earlier:  

This has led to calls for the resignation of UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi (who had ordered the police to break up the protest), such as the Davis Faculty Association and this powerful open letter from Professor Nathan Brown.

One of the more effective protests was this silent one, with students sitting with linked arms as the Chancellor went to her car.

In the many things that have been written about this, the words of John Protevi (on how to contact the Chancellor – although her contact site appears to be down/disabled), Jonathan Simon and Robert Haas (both faculty at UC Berkeley), Eric Rauchway & Ari Kelman, and Tim Morton (all faculty at UC Davis) are worth a look. This site is continually updated with developments.

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