More on UC campus violence

A lot of important discussion – some I’ve found useful include:

A Storify compilation on ‘Police Brutality at Occupy’.

An interview with one of the sprayed students. Plastic Bodies takes apart the idea that that is was a legitimate response. A UC Davis faculty member on the events in a broader context, which has a very good juxtaposition of an unarmed, standard uniform policeman at Columbia University arresting a cocaine dealer on campus, compared to riot police assaulting students defending public education.

A Council of UC Faculty Associations condemnation of police actions, and a demand to UC Chancellors.

The New York Times on the suspension of police officers, and University of California President calling for the UC chancellors to “take strong action to recommit to the ideal of peaceful protest”. Peter Gratton on the calls for resignation, with a link to a good piece by Glenn Greenwald.

A compilation of photos and videos at Alternet which clearly demonstrates – if proof were needed – that this is not an isolated incident. Lenin’s Tomb makes the same point by force of argument.

A call from a faculty member at Duke for what she describes as a ‘Gettysburg Address moment’. An open letter from Matthew Smith at Yale (via New APPS) to University administrators across the US to declare their campuses as ‘Safe Protest Zones’.

And finally, Biblioklept pulls some definitions from Ambrose Bierce’s The Devil’s Dictionary which are very relevant, 100 years on.

Thanks to all the people who sent links, shared them on facebook, etc.

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