Five more free downloads

Another five papers I have uploaded to this site

Elden, S. Contingent Sovereignty, Territorial Integrity and the Sanctity of Borders. SAIS Review of International Affairs. 2006;29:11-24.

Elden, S. Dialectics and the Measure of the World. Environment and Planning A. 2008;40:2641-51.

Elden, S. Discipline, Health and Madness: Foucault’s ‘Le pouvoir psychiatrique’. History of the Human Sciences. 2006;19:39-66.

Elden, S. Genealogy, Ontology and the Political: Three Conceptual Questions to Engin Isin. Political Geography. 2005;24:355-359.

Elden, S. Governmentality, calculation, territory. Environment and Planning D: Society and Space. 2007;25:562-580.

The full list of everything freely available online is here.

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