CFP – Media & The Production of Urban Space

CALL FOR PAPERS The ECREA Temporary Working Group “Media & The City”, the ARC Research Centre at the Catholic University of Milan and First Monday are happy to announce their collaboration for a special issue of First Monday titled WAVES, BITS AND BRICKS: Media & The Production of Urban Space, scheduled for publication in mid-2013. Matteo Tarantino and Simone Tosoni of Milan Catholic University will work with Edward Valauskas, Chief Editor of First Monday, as special editors.


As the majority of the world population has come to live in cities, urban space is ever more central as resource, commodity and medium. During the twentieth century Henri Lefebvre paved the way for the understanding of the social production of urban space as a complex and manifold process in which spatial representations, spatial practices and spatial physicality continuously interact. These interactions can also be influenced, mediated, negotiated or otherwise impacted by communication technologies, which thus become integral parts in processes of sociospatial production.

More details here

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