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I am posting this article up in its entirety here as I have been having trouble accessing the original blog – it has been timing out. This blog post from the French newspaper Le Monde has a very large number of comments attached which might be worthing looking at when the site is back on line. This article provides a very interesting account of the background to the recent decision to declare the Foucault archives a national treasure.  If you don’t speak French, google translate should give you the gist of this. With thanks to Nicolae Morar for alerting me to this item.

La république des livres.  Le blog de Pierre Assouline

29 avril 2012

A qui les archives de Michel Foucault ?

Ce n’est peut-être pas le premier dossier que le nouveau ministre de la Culture aura bientôt à traiter, n’exagérons rien ; mais le deuxième, probablement. Sinon, l’affaire s’éternisera…

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