Outside Territory in Nottingham

After the Paris event we were up early the next morning to get the Eurostar to London, and then a train to Nottingham – made a little trickier by the ASLEF strike action (but a strike that doesn’t disrupt things isn’t a very effective strike). This was a long-arranged talk to the School of Geography, on the invitation of Stephen Legg.

The talk was a longer version of the one given the previous day in Paris, this time with the Richard II discussion included, and a slightly longer introduction linking it to my previous work. I slightly misjudged the timing, and so had to cut some later parts short so as not to go on too long. There were some excellent questions that will give me much to think about, on time, being lost, enclosure, scale and liminality. As this is part of a probable longer project, this is exactly why it is worth giving such talks. I did record the talk with the intention of posting it up here, but for some reason the recording cut off part-way through. Good evening out later with Steve, Stephen Daniels, and André Reyes Novaes.

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