Designing Geopolitics conference

In San Diego this weekend, but with live stream.

D:GP is a think-tank focused on how planetary scale computation transforms political geography and models of sovereignty, as seen through the lens of speculative art and design. D:GP collaborates directly with scientists, engineers and researchers in a wide range of disciplines, and is supported by the research of its founding Director, Benjamin H. Bratton.

Designing Geopolitics 2 will extend our core critical questions. What is the territory of the Cloud Polis? What alien models of sovereignty require invention, revitalization or redesign? What does it mean to ‘see like a State’ in an age of ubiquitous networked optics? What is the role of speculative design thinking in prototyping real alternatives? What are the driving and determinant patterns of data-centric society for which we have an inadequate theoretical language? What are the boundaries of biopolitcs, and what comes next?

Full details here.

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