Tributes to Neil Smith

Many tributes to Neil Smith are appearing. There are several in the comments to the CUNY Graduate Center page, including from Trevor Barnes, John Agnew, Allen Scott, Sue Ruddick, Simon Dalby, Dick Peet, Ron Johnston, James Sidaway… too many to mention. And there are more at a page set up to wish him well as he was fighting his illness. I’ve seen many from friends, colleagues and readers of his work on Facebook. And there have been blog tributes from Derek Gregory, Álvaro Sevilla Buitrago, Jeremy Crampton and Clive Barnett.

Neil’s personal website gives a good sense of his wide interests, scholarship and activism – and you can download his book Uneven Development there too.

Neil was a past co-editor of Society and Space, and made many contributions to the journal over the years. You can find a list of those pieces here – several are available open access. In time the journal will do something to honour his memory and work.

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