Mark Poster (1941-2012)

Mark Poster, intellectual historian of French thought and theorist of media and information, died yesterday. I never met him or heard him speak, but he was important to me through his writings. Perhaps best known for his work on Baudrillard, Sartre, Foucault and the internet, my favourite book of his was Existential Marxism in Post-War France. When I first began working on Lefebvre this was one of relatively few books – at all, but certainly in English – that took Lefebvre seriously and also situated him within wider debates and modes of thought. His Foucault, Marxism and History was also an important text. His department website allows you to read those books, and other out-of-print texts, online. Thanks to Benjamin Bratton for sharing this news.

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  1. Clare O'Farrell says:

    Reblogged this on Foucault News and commented:
    Mark Poster was one of the early commentators in English on Foucault’s work with his book Foucault, Marxism and History appearing in 1984

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