Slavoj Žižek on Obama’s re-election

Short piece in The Guardian. Preposterous and thoughtful all at the same time. Here’s one typical paragraph:

In Europe, the ground floor of a building is counted as zero, so the floor above it is the first floor, while in the US, the first floor is on street level. This trivial difference indicates a profound ideological gap: Europeans are aware that, before counting starts – before decisions or choices are made – there has to be a ground of tradition, a zero level that is always already given and, as such, cannot be counted. While the US, a land with no proper historical tradition, presumes that one can begin directly with self-legislated freedom – the past is erased. What the US has to learn to take into account is the foundation of the “freedom to choose”.

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2 Responses to Slavoj Žižek on Obama’s re-election

  1. Chathan says:

    I wish I could say it was thoughtful. Unfortunately not. Indeed, I can’t help but feel Zizek has gone on a downward spiral, softening his politics along the way, either for a.) mainstream consumption or b.) a shift in his own views. Some suggest that his radicalism was always a pose, but I’m not convinced. Thoughts?

  2. Chathan says:

    Pardon the polemic

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