Writing tasks

When term finished last Friday, I was at last able to get to some writing tasks that I hadn’t been able to clear the time to complete before. First up was a short reply to two responses to my ‘Secure the Volume’ paper coming out in Political Geography. Peter Adey and Gavin Bridge wrote some very interesting things, and the reply, which was limited to 2,000 words, could only do a little to respond to them. But the comments will be very helpful as I take this work forward. The article, the responses and the reply are due out in an early issue next year.

The second was to write a review of the Immanuel Kant, Natural Science volume for Berfrois. That should be out mid January. I then used that, the introduction to the Reading Kant’s Geography book I co-edited, and my 2009 paper ‘Reassessing Kant’s Geography’, to write my paper for the American Philosophical Association Eastern division conference in Atlanta between Christmas and New Year.

Finally I wrote a report on the translation of Peter Sloterdijk, In the World Interior of Capital, forthcoming with Polity next year.

I’ve ploughed through then remaining emails and dealt with lots of other things. I’m planning on two weeks proper break from work and email, and this blog. Well, apart from the two days at the APA Eastern. Two last posts on novels read in the second half of 2012 and my favourite music of the year, and the computer gets turned off. Thank you all for reading, happy holidays, and more in 2013.

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