Call for Papers and Contributions – Legal Geography

A call for papers for the RGS-IBG conference in London in August 2013. Please contact with all queries.

Submission Deadline for papers – Friday 8th February 2013 (other contributions can come later, please see below).

Organisers – Antonia Layard (Birmingham) and Luke Bennett (Sheffield Hallam)

Legal geography is an emerging discipline, located both within geography and law and society studies. At its core, it draws on legal and geographical techniques and concepts to understand ‘the role and impact that space and place have on the differential and discursive construction of law and how legal norms and practices construct space and places’ (Blomley 1993, 63).

While legal geography has been an emerging discipline for some time particularly in North America, it is not yet a clearly defined site of research in the UK or (with some notable exceptions) internationally. With the 2013 RGS Conference theme of ‘new geographical frontiers’ this seems as good a time as any to try to develop, collaboratively, how legal geography (or geographical law) might be understood and undertaken in the UK and beyond.

We make two proposals for sessions. The first is for a Roundtable on Legal Geography and we would be very interested in hearing from anyone with a paper that engages explicitly with legal geography as a discipline, mapping the subject in some sense, investigating the subjects, techniques and approaches that legal geography uses.

We also hope to organise a world café session, which would be entirely participatory aiming (perhaps) at creating some initial networks, contacts, collaborations (for grant or scholarly purposes), bibliographies or ideas for further research.

Please do get in touch if legal geography holds any interest at all! (

Antonia Layard
Professor of Law & Geography
Birmingham Law School

via here)

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