New Geographies 4: Scales of the Earth reviewed

Issue 4 of Harvard GSD journal New Geographies was on the theme of ‘Scales of the Earth’. You can read a review of it here.

ScalesNew Geographies, 4: Scales of the Earth, edited by El Hadi Jazairy, centers on the concept of scale as an alternative framework to address global concerns and space. Jazairy opens the issue by stating that further investigations on the plasticity of scale — a scale that does not represent a fixed environment but is dynamic and “expands and contracts through the interaction of objects and people” — will allow to structure and study different levels of relationships without falling into the “homogenizing assumptions” that discourses like globalization imply. Characterized by the diversity of its contributors — a photographer, a geographer, an engineer, an environmentalist, a pilot and photographer, a historian, a social and cultural geographer, several architects and landscape designers — the issue carries on with two correlated essays by Robin Kelsey and Nicholas de Monchaux.

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