Boko Haram, Shakespeare and Territory – talks at L.S.E. and Aberystwyth

I’m giving three talks this coming week – at the London School of Economics and Aberystwyth University.

At the L.S.E. I’ll be giving the first version on a paper under the working title of “Nigeria’s ‘War on Terror’: The Geopolitics of Boko Haram”. This is one of the Cities, Space and Development seminars in the Department of Geography and Environment. It is a first draft, and somewhat sketchy, but I hope it’s interesting and it’s certainly right up-to-the-minute. I’ve just got back from a week in Abuja, and did a lot of reading while there as well as talking to people. My annotated bibliography on Boko Haram is available here.

I’ll also be discussing that paper in the second session at Aberyswyth, which is a work in progress seminar. The first talk at Aber is the Politics, Philosophy and International Thought annual lecture. I’ll be speaking on the Shakespearean Territories project, and I’ll specifically be talking about the political bodies of Coriolanus – an updated and reframed version of the talk I gave at the Institute of Advanced Studies in the Humanities at University of Edinburgh last year.

These are the last UK talks for a while, probably until August. But there are a number of conferences and other talks I’m giving elsewhere in the next few months. All forthcoming talks are listed here.

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