Eyal Weizman reviewed in Antipode – with news of book reviews being available open access.


WeizmanToday we’ve posted reviews by Ghent University’s Omar Jabary Salamanca and the University of Minnesota’s Basil Mahayni. Omar reviews Eyal Weizman’s The Least of All Possible Evils: Humanitarian Violence from Arendt to Gaza, Basil reviews Bassam Haddad’s Business Networks in Syria: The Political Economy of Authoritarian Resilience, and both are available here.

HaddadAll Antipode book reviews are now freely available online – not only those on AntipodeFoundation.org but also our back catalogue in Wiley Online Library. From January 2013 we no longer publish new book reviews in the journal: all now appear exclusively on AntipodeFoundation.org. This move allows us to feature not only more reviews, but also more substantive reviews (in the style, say, of the London Review of Books), more quickly. It will, we hope, transform the book reviews section into a more capacious ‘Book reviews, etc.’ section, that may now feature, in addition…

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