The Birth of Territory – University of Chicago Press page and preorder

The University of Chicago Press page for my book The Birth of Territory is now up with the description, an endorsement from John Agnew, and the table of contents. It will be available in cloth and paperback simultaneously. The paperback is $30, which is good for an academic book and especially so given it will be just over 500 pages once the index is added. The release date is down as July/August 2013 – says 15 August. The page on this site for the book gives lots of extra detail and links to talks and other related materials.

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8 Responses to The Birth of Territory – University of Chicago Press page and preorder

  1. Jeremy says:

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    Excellent news from Stuart with details of his book on the Birth of Territory. The publisher (U Chicago) has a table of contents available. Particularly intriguing to me is the first chapter on the polis and khora, since we just had a seminar on Derrida’s essay on khora in our social theory series (in which Stuart spoke last year on securing the volume).

    • stuartelden says:

      My discussion is of the khora in the sense you find it in Plato’s Laws and Aristotle’s Politics, where it means something like land or countryside, rather than the sense in Plato’s Timaeus which Heidegger, Derrida, Irigaray and others have discussed. But there are naturally links between the readings and senses. The standard translations of the Laws and Politics translate khora as territory, and its that I’m trying to get away from in my reading.

  2. asevillab says:

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    Stuart Elden da en su blog la excitante noticia de la cercana llegada de su nuevo libro.

  3. Igor Calzada says:

    It looks great.
    It is indeed mentioning the same CityRegion framework that I am working with.
    Dr. Igor Calzada

  4. bjmuller76 says:

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    Looking forward to this publication!

  5. Chathan says:

    Pity that the hardcover is so pricey. Still congratulations on coming this far.

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