Foucault lecture at Memorial University Newfoundland – audio recording

The audio recording of the George Story Lecture in Humanities I gave at Memorial University of Newfoundland, entitled “Knowledge, Truth, Power: The Politics of Foucault’s Leçons sur la volonté de savoir”, is now available here. There is a gap in the recording about 24 minutes in which I’ve filled with a rerecorded section of about a minute. Dean Lynn Phillips and Peter Gratton provide the introductions.

Elden at the PubMy other two talks were on the Shakespearean Territories project – one at the Grenfell campus in Corner Brook was on Richard II; the other was a public lecture in the Peter Easton pub. They both seemed to go well, though I didn’t record either. Peter Gratton has mentioned the lectures briefly on his blog, including this photo of me shortly before speaking in the pub. That was a new experience, especially as I was just using some notecards with no worked out text or powerpoint. I was a bit apprehensive, but it generated a lively discussion and there was a good audience. It was an overall summary of the project under the title ‘Why should people interested in territory read Shakespeare?’

The visit to Newfoundland itself was great. I had several days in St John’s, which is an interesting historical city and still has a lively harbour, and two days on the west coast in Corner Brook and the nearby Gros Morne national park, which is just spectacular. Thanks to Edwin Bezzina for taking me there and giving up his time, and to everyone at MUN, most of all Peter, for the invitation and their hospitality.

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