Prince of Modes: Latour’s Later Philosophy

Graham Harman on another book project on Latour, and some reflections on his writing practice generally.

Object-Oriented Philosophy

That’s the title of my sequel to Prince of Networks, which (home of the earlier book) has just agreed to published. I’ve really enjoyed working with them, and it’s still my best-selling book despite being available free of charge as a PDF on the website. I wanted the sequel to be living in the same home. The center of this book will be Latour’s massive new modes of existence project, though I plan to cover the Gifford Lectures and maybe a few other things, and some attention will need to be given to the philosophy of Étienne Souriau.

This does mean that I’ll be working on 3 books simultaneously (this one, the Latour’s politics book, and the one on continental epistemism) during sabbatical. But at the risk of this sounding like an affectation, I find it much easier to work on multiple books simultaneously rather than one at…

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