The Northern Nigerian State of Emergency

My Boko Haram paper is lying dormant while I mark exams, and embark on the buying and selling of homes, and is in danger of being over-taken by events. I’ve been keeping up-to-date on the developments in the north-east of the country as best I can, given the difficulties of getting media reports. This is one of the most useful resources – a Google map of towns that are being claimed as under Boko Haram control; ones the Joint Task Force of the Federal army claims to have retaken; and other important sites. The map was created by a researcher at the Council for Foreign Relations, and their Africa in Transition blog has some details here. My annotated bibliography on Boko Haram is available here – I have a few papers to add to this and hope to make time soon – and the audio recording of talk in April on Boko Haram is available here.

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