Theory of the drone

Derek Gregory with some thoughts on Grégoire Chamayou and drone warfare – and the excellent news he plans to finish The Everywhere War this summer.

geographical imaginations

Theorie du droneI’ve been contacted by L’actualitéfor an interview on drones, which led me to a new book by French philosopher Grégoire Chamayou (CNRS): Théorie du drone(La fabrique, 2013).  I’ve only just ordered it, so this post is advance notice, the product of some rummaging around the web, and I’ll post a considered discussion as soon as I’ve read it.

Chamayou has translated Clausewitz into French, and readers may know one of his earlier texts, I think the only one to be translated into English thus far, Manhunts: a philosophical history (Princeton 2012; original French publication, Les chasses à l’homme: histoire et philosophie du pouvoir cynegetique (La fabrique, 2010); reviewed in English translation at Books & Ideashere).  If you want a good sense of Chamayou’s style, check out this video of a lecture in New York in 2011, ‘Hunter vs. Hunted’, artfully organised around film clips.


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