New Journal: The Anthropocene Review

Launch of a new interdisciplinary journal – this should be of wide interest, especially given the discussions at the recent RGS-IBG.

the anthropo.scene

A new journal is now being published with Sage titled The Anthropocene Review.ANR

Here is the “aims and scope” of the new publication that I snagged from the blog where you can also find information on submissions, the editorial board, and this link to the first editorial (opens to PDF).

“The overall aim of the new journal is to communicate clearly and across a wide range of disciplines and interests, the causes, history, nature and implications of a world in which human activities are integral to the functioning of the Earth System. The concept of the Anthropocene has, since its initial promulgation, provoked a great deal of debate, raising challenging questions of focus and definition. My aim in this short introduction is to be indicative rather than prescriptive and thereby, both to encourage high quality, stimulating contributions to the new journal and to foster further debate on the…

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