Fionnuala O’Neill response to my The Geopolitics of King Lear

In the same issue of Law and Literature that my paper “The Geopolitics of King Lear: Territory, Land, Earth” (free download) appears in, there is a piece by Fionnuala O’Neill entitled “Toward Tyranny: Geopolitics and Genre, A Response to Stuart Elden” (requires subscription). The piece is based on her comments on my Shakespeare work when I presented on Coriolanus at the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities at the University of Edinburgh last year, as part of the Bodies in Movement seminar series. My Lear piece and ‘Land, Terrain, Territory‘ were pre-circulated.

The response is a really interesting piece that draws parallels between King Lear, King John and Richard II. I already have a draft piece on Richard II for the Shakespearean Territories project, which was given as a lecture at the University of Nottingham and at the Grenfell campus of Memorial University Newfoundland. But King John is a text I should return to in the light of Fionnuala’s response, and I’m sure this will be a really useful reference as I move the overall project forward.


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